Our Process


After the initial customer inquiry, we schedule a site visit during which we briefly discuss some of the details on the construction services you require. This initial visit provides the opportunity to meet face-to-face and creates a personal connection right from the start. If your project needs are large and/or complex, you may be asked if you would be interested in entering a Design Agreement with us. Such an agreement would detail specifics of your project, including floor plan options, interior design preferences, and finish elements. For smaller projects, the initial site meeting should provide the information needed to compile an estimate.


Smaller projects will generally move from the site visit into the estimating phase. For those larger projects requiring a Design Agreement, there will be other necessary work such as drafting of floor plans, consulting with interior decorators and designers, meetings with sub-contractors, and decisions on finish details. Once the decision has been made to move forward with the project, a contract will be drafted outlining expectations for job progress and extent, timelines, contractor responsibilities, as well as homeowner responsibilities. Upon signing the Contract, the scope of proposed work will be submitted to the municipality for building permit approval.


This process entails transitioning your home or renovation area into a jobsite. If required, a dumpster and/or storage unit will be positioned on your property. All affected flooring will be covered by a protective layer, particularly high traffic areas. The work area inside the house will be isolated using plastic sheeting to cover door openings, furnace/ HVAC ducts, and any other openings where dust may escape the work area. Every reasonable effort will be made to contain possible dust and debris from spreading to other areas of the home.


At this stage the actual work begins. Demolition will take place, if the project requires, then the rebuilding process occurs. We strive to use premium quality building materials combined with professional installation in order to provide you with the best finished product. You will be kept informed of the job progress through verbal and/or written reports periodically throughout each week. Interruptions to your daily life will be minimized as much as possible, depending on the nature of the project. The worksite will be cleaned on a daily basis, with a large clean-up at the end of each week.


As the project approaches its conclusion, we will invite you to inspect the work to ensure that all has been completed to your satisfaction as negotiated in the Contract. This is done by the use of a ‘Punch List’. Together we will cover each and every detail of the project, and then sign off on all items that have been completed. During this time we will also conduct our final clean-up. We will remove dumpsters, and project-related items from your premises, leaving you free to enjoy your newly renovated space.

Let's work together!

Communication is a key element to any successful project. We commit to maintaining frequent communication with our clients, which results in a smooth, informed renovation process. From the initial meeting to the final ‘punch list’, we will answer your questions, emails and phone calls promptly and professionally.