This space started out as unfinished concrete walls and basic framing. We discussed layout and design options with the customer at the initial stages, and then implemented those plans. The limited options for layout meant we had to get creative, so that we could achieve a good balance of use-of-space and functionality. The built-in shelving unit in the wall was previously designed as an empty wall cavity, but we showed the client that there were other options available that could make that empty space into extra storage and shelf space. Another unique feature of this basement is the raised TV viewing area. We had the challenge of two main support posts that were relatively close together near the middle of the room. Together with the client we planned to incorporate the posts into a raised bar seating area. This worked out great because the client enjoys entertaining groups of friends. This feature also tied in the wet bar area just to the side. Together with the design, colours and finishes this project exceeded our clients vision, and is enjoyed by friends and family.

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