For this project, we transformed a dated 1950’s era kitchen into a modern beauty. To start, we did a ‘full gut’ of the kitchen down to the studs and subfloor. We removed a load bearing wall and installed a new structural beam to open the kitchen area into the living space. With everything brought up to current building codes and technology, we incorporated various modern conveniences such as cabinet kick-space heaters, digital thermostats, under-cabinet lighting, and pot lighting with dimmers. A major challenge when renovating an older home is ‘melting’ the old with the new to give a seamless finish. The client ‘s wishes were to keep the existing plaster mouldings and hardwood flooring in order to maintain the character of the home. The way the plaster mouldings were originally applied is a trade that no longer exists. With our professional team we accomplished blending the old with the new plaster mouldings to work with the new layout, without compromising the character of the home. A similar process was used to ‘tie-in’ the existing hardwood with the new hardwood in the kitchen. When finished, the hardwood blended seamlessly between old and new. The lighting was a key improvement to this project, as well. New pot lights throughout the kitchen and living space really brighten the rooms making everything feel more open and fresh. This renovation successfully accomplished all of our clients’ needs, and they couldn’t be happier.

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    Love that floor

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