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It’s that time of year again. Time to get out of the house and appreciate the outdoors. Many people get a great deal of use and enjoyment from their patio deck. It is a place for barbeques, entertaining, playing with kids, or just relaxing. In preparation for prime deck season, it is a good time to have a look at the condition of your deck- maybe it’s time for updating, modifying, or replacement.

There are many considerations to make when deciding to build a deck. With an array of options, from a basic standard deck to a fully customized deck. The first question to ask is- “What material will the deck be constructed from?

Some of the many options include: untreated lumber, pressure treated lumber, cedar, and composite materials.

Regular lumber (or untreated lumber) costs are less than the others, but the lifespan of the material is much less as well. It is prone to rotting in as little as a few years, depending on the application.

Pressure treated lumber is very popular for exterior projects of all types, including decks. It gains its popularity by boasting a reasonable lifespan, at a cost that is generally affordable.

Cedar is a great choice when appearance, and longevity are a priority. It will last for many, many years because it is naturally resistant to rot. However, it must be regularly maintained to keep the original appearance and the cost is usually higher than pressure treated lumber.

Finally, we have composite materials. Composite is a mixture of wood particles and plastics- so it will never rot, twist or bow. Maintenance is minimal, and it comes in a variety of colours- but all of this comes at a cost. Of the options listed above, this is the most expensive, and it requires a framing structure built from one of the other types of wood.

Another consideration to make for a deck is the railing. If your deck is 600mm or higher off the ground, it requires a handrail and/or guardrail. Railings can be constructed from wood, but there are also kits available that use metal, plastic and glass as a railing system. Glass panels are a very popular option that can maximize your view from a seated position on your deck. They can be used in conjunction with wood, or as part of a railing kit.

There are a number of ways that a deck can be customized to suit the wants and needs of the owner. Planter/Flower boxes are a great way to add some colour and balance to a deck. Another great option is bench seating or storage. Benches are a useful way to increase the number of seats available on a deck, without the need to have a lot of movable patio furniture. Storage capacity built into a deck can function to hold patio furniture cushions, gardening supplies, and other seasonal items. There are also ways to increase privacy through the use of lattice, louvers and windbreaks.

Consult a professional like Street Property Development for the best results when considering a new deck. We can also help with decisions on styles, design, and customization options. Because there are many important provincial and national building codes and practices that should be followed to ensure safety and proper construction, a contractor knowledgeable about these codes and practices is essential.

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