Selecting the right flooring

There are a staggering number of choices when it comes to flooring. From wood to laminate, tile to vinyl, and the list goes on. When choosing a flooring type for your home or business, there are some considerations to help you narrow down this long list and ensure you have the right flooring for your application.


For most people, it’s safe to say that the kitchen is the room that gets the most use in the home. Whether cooking, entertaining, doing homework with the kids, or sharing a meal with family, the kitchen is the space where people frequently congregate. For a room with so much activity, a flooring that is water resistant, easy to clean, but also very durable is required. Here are some of the best choices:

TILE comes in a variety of shapes, patterns and colours, and materials that can complement any kitchen beautifully. Tile is one of the most attractive floor finishes available, but tiles can feel cold unless a heating mat is installed. Tiles can also be hard underfoot. However, tile gives you an extremely durable floor that you can enjoy for many years – but at a higher cost than some other flooring options.

VINYL flooring (sometimes referred to as sheet flooring) also comes in a wide variety of patterns, styles, and colours- as well as varying thicknesses. There are also several ‘wear levels’ for wear durability. When budget is a concern, a high quality heavy duty vinyl might be a better choice. It is relatively warm and soft underfoot, as opposed to ceramic tile.

CORK is a natural product that is environmentally friendly, and boasts some of the best attributes you can find from a flooring. It is gentle and warm underfoot, it has natural waxes which make it impervious to water, and it has a unique appearance. It is on the higher end of the flooring price point, but it can provide great value for the investment.


Flooring for bathrooms usually has similar wear demands as kitchen flooring. This flooring requires durability, water resistance, and needs to be easy to clean. A heated mat can be installed under bathroom tile, as well. Investing in heated flooring quickly pays off as you step out of the shower on a chilly winter morning. Tile and vinyl are both great choices for bathrooms. Cork can be used, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, but either tile or vinyl would be the better choice in this area of the home.

Living Spaces, Bedrooms And Hallways

Rooms such as these are well suited to a number of different flooring selections. The following are a few best choices:

HARDWOOD FLOORING is a timeless classic. Available in an array of wood species, stains and finishes this selection works well for a number of reasons including long term durability, comfort, and appearance. Once installed, this type of flooring can often be re-finished after years of wear, revealing what looks like a brand new floor. There is also the possibility of changing the stain colour and finish to provide a new updated look. The initial cost of hardwood is on the higher end of the price scale, but you can potentially receive a lifetime of enjoyment by re-finishing the wood multiple times over the course of its life.

LAMINATE FLOORING is another excellent choice. It offers great durability, and comes in a variety of styles, colours and textures that can simulate the appearance of hardwood or tile. Another admirable attribute of laminate flooring is the cost. Generally it is much less expensive than hardwood, and is often a good choice when budget is a concern. It is available in several ‘wear ratings’, something to take into account when this material is used in a high traffic area (eg. Hallway). Another point to consider is that, unlike hardwood, laminate cannot be re-finished, and if an area becomes damaged it is not easily replaced.

*Note: Keep in mind that both hardwood and laminate flooring should never be installed in areas where they could be exposed to high levels of moisture or water. Areas such as porches, kitchens, bathrooms, and some basements are areas with greater exposure to moisture and water. If hardwood or laminate is installed in these spaces, undesirable results such as cupping, warping, and even cracking (for hardwood) could occur.

CARPET is an option that has lost popularity over the last few decades. It is more common today to remove the existing carpet in your home. Concerns with allergens, dirt, and dust mites embedded into carpet are some of the main reasons carpet is undesirable for some households. In certain circumstances carpet can be very functional. Carpeting provides a cozy feeling, is soft on feet, and absorbs noise very well. Carpet may be the perfect choice for areas such as basements that have been insulated and sealed properly.

Using this information can help you make an educated choice about your flooring requirements. For further information and expert installation, always consult a professional, such as Street Property Development. Making the right selection of flooring, combined with professional installation, will result in a floor that you can appreciate and enjoy for many years.

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